About WholeHog

images.jpg Like Miss Piggy, Who Moi?

The name for this blog came about from my belief that the pig is the King of Meats. Carnitas, prosciutto, need I even mention bacon?! Have you eaten a heritage pork chop? Have you tried The Fatted Calf’s Tonno di Maiale?

WholeHog also describes what I’m attempting do here. Although I admire many blogs that are devoted to one thing like food or design or travel, I wanted to write about all of those things and more. I wanted to write about all of the stuff that makes a life, things like books, family, food and travel. And I wanted to write about San Francisco because it’s where my life is.


Who Am I? I’m a 33 year old woman living in San Francisco. You can find me at the Ferry Building farmers market nearly every Saturday (in back eating Primavera, of course!), in the gorgeous waters of Lake Tahoe every July and listening to This American Life on MUNI.


One Response to “About WholeHog”

  1. anina Says:

    found you looking for stan devoto apples. I live in carmel and want to ty as many heirloom varieties as I can!!! All we have down here is gravensteins!

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