On the Beach

Until we got a dog, I rarely went to San Francisco’s beaches. If I wanted go to the ocean, I usually went out of town to Santa Cruz or Marin. But having a dog has changed all that.


While most SF beaches aren’t as wild or secluded as some of the beaches up or down the coast, they have the advantage of being extremely dog friendly (most have an off-leash area).

And the beach is so clearly our dog’s happy place. She jumps around happily the minute her feet hit the sand. She digs, plays in the water, and pursues sea birds with intensity and purpose. We try our best to prevent her from rolling on dead sea birds and eating hermit crab shells.


It’s become one of my happy places, too. On warm days, I’ll pack a towel and a copy of the New Yorker, and I’ll read while our dog digs nearby, and it feels as if I’m on vacation. And being at the beach offers such a different view of San Francisco — as a place where people surf and fish and sunbathe naked, and also as a place where crabs, sand dollars and even the strange blue velella wash ashore.


The beach has become one of the things I really value about living in SF. I love that there are so many different beaches to choose from: the giant dog park that is Fort Funston; the long, graffiti-lined stretch of Ocean Beach; and the postcard-worthy views from Baker Beach or Crissy Field.

And I love that we have such easy access to the beach. I feel downright smug at times that we can head to the beach for an hour or two. We don’t have to cross bridges, fight traffic, or pack up and spend a full day there. Instead, we can head home if it’s too windy or crowded or we can pop over just to take in the sunset.




One Response to “On the Beach”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This makes me want to pack up and move to SF, it sounds so wonderful. But I’ll just live vicariously through your adventures! Your and Bea’s. Oh, and Zac’s, too.

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