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Rave: Mexican Pastries

November 21, 2014

Given that the best thing I ate in Paris was falafel, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that the best thing I ate in Mexico City was a concha, a seashell-shaped pastry with a quilted sugar top. (I took almost no food pictures on this trip, but I do wish I’d taken a picture of a concha.)

I’d expected to come home from our week in Mexico dreaming of tacos al pastor, but I was disappointed by the pastor we had in Mexico City. (At both Huecito and Califa, the pastor was dry; Huecito’s tacos were saved by their salsas.) The conchas, on the other hand, were like nothing I’d ever had before.

Before this trip, the Mexican pastries I’d had were dry, dense and sandy-textured, but the concha I had at Duo on our first day in Mexico City was light and airy, which contrasted beautifully with the crackly sugar top.

And it wasn’t just Duo. We had many good pastries in Mexico, mostly from places that seemed to pair French technique with Mexican ingredients.

Mr. WholeHog had a fantastic snail-shaped pastry from PanaderĂ­a Rosetta in Mexico City (I didn’t think their concha was anything special). In Oaxaca, I had another concha at Casa Oaxaca Cafe and this version was almost doughnut-like — different but just as delicious as the one at Duo. At Pan y Co, a bakery with two locations in Oaxaca, we had a very chocolatey pain au chocolat, and a small, snail-shaped pastry that turned out to be full of nutella.

panyco-chocolatePicture from Pan Y Co.’s Facebook page

Since we had a very early flight out of Oaxaca, we brought Pan Y Co’s pastries with us to the airport for breakfast, and that chocolate croissant and nutella-filled pastry were our last tastes of Mexico.