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This was September

October 4, 2013

Golden Gate Park’s Dahlia Garden
It’s more of a patch than a garden, but it’s worth seeking out when the dahias are in bloom (August – mid-October).


Four Perfect Days at the Lake
I meant to do a separate post about this Tahoe trip and maybe I still will: one of those trips where everything went our way.


Halfway Through Apple Season
We’re 10 weeks into apple season and sold the following varieties in September: Mutsu, Hawaiian, Best Ever (such a misnamed apple), Davisson, Winesap, Sierra Beauty, Spitzenberg, Rome Beauty, Jonathan, Fameuse, Swaar, Jonagold, Red Gold, Cinnamon Spice, Ozark Gold, Northern Spy, Greening, Kidd’s Orange Red, Ida Red.


Midweek Escape to Sonoma
A nice way to spend a sunny Wednesday: lunch at Della Fattoria, swimming in the Coppola Pool and dinner outside on a warm, full-moon night in Healdsburg.


Harvesting Tomatoes
I gave up on this coastal-climate “Marmande” tomato in August when the plant wilted and looked pretty much dead in the dreary weather. But Mr. WholeHog continued to care for it and in September, his efforts paid off: all of its green fruit turned red and we got a decent crop tomatoes. Not the most delicious tomatoes, but easily our best SF crop.


Land’s End & Fort Point
It’d been a long time since I’d walked along Land’s End and my first time at Fort Point.landsendsep13