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This was August

September 6, 2013

Despite the terrible weather, August is tourist season in SF. Tourists were all over downtown, with their knee-length jean shorts, their cameras, and their maps. One night Mr. WholeHog and I felt like we were the only locals on the 24 Divisadero: there were people speaking French and a German family, which got on the bus in the Castro with a young child who promptly shat her pants.

Seeking Sunshine
I continued to regularly head out of town in search of better weather. In July, we’d gone north to Sonoma or Petaluma, but in August, we went south. We biked at Crystal Springs reservoir on a sunny Tuesday, and a few weeks later, I hiked around Wunderlich Park in Woodside.

crystal springs

Lots of apple selling (and eating)
Apples came early this year! We sold Gravenstein, Pink Pearl, Burgundy, Pink Blush, Golden Supreme, Ashmead’s Kernel, Arkane, Honeycrisp, Gala, and Jonathan. August is truly one of the best times at the farmers market because summer produce (tomatoes) are really at their peak, but there are also plenty of other treats, like shelling beans, apples, and figs.

And yet for the second year in a row, August was a tough year at the apple stand: Last August, one of my apple-selling coworkers lost her mom. This year, the family I work for at the market lost their mom.


Hometown Summer
We went up to the foothills for our annual dip in the river, but it wasn’t a very good year for swimming. The river is normally super clear and clean, but it was pretty shallow this year and mossy in some areas (ew!). But we saw a lovely moonrise, ate my mother-in-laws peach pie and got hooked on Arrested Development.



Back on the Home Front
We did get one sunny Sunday morning, which I spent on the deck reading the paper. It’s something I hope to do a lot more of in September.