This was July

San Francisco’s cool, foggy summer weather arrived in July. It was a good month to spend time swimming (and hiking) in Lake Tahoe and hanging out in Sonoma.

BART Strike
I survived BART strike #1 (it looks like #2 is coming my way next week). My commute to work was certainly longer than usual (and more crowded) on MUNI. The J Church is the closest transit line for me, but I usually walk to BART because BART trains come more frequently and they make fewer stops on their way downtown. bartstrike-jchurch I sometimes feel frustrated when I hear about union negotiations over annual raises (since I haven’t had a raise in five years). But after watching the Bill Moyers’ documentary, Two American Families, last month, I thought a little differently about the importance of unions.

To Market to Market
I got a little burnt out selling just flowers and two weeks later, there were apples to sell!


(My favorite question on the first day of 2013’s apple season? “Are these apples?” True story).

Sonoma Escape(s)
Sitting outside at El Molino Central on a hot summer day is one of my very favorite things to do (either before or after a beer at Russian River Brewing company). I’d love to make an overnight trip to the Weber ranch in Petaluma a summer tradition.


Another year at the lake. Some said it was the hottest Tahoe weather on record (90s). All I can say is that I did a lot of swimming. As nice as it was to swim in the heat of the day, Mr. WholeHog and I took a few memorable evening swims. The lake is quiet (no jet skis!) and still at night, and we swam under a sky full of stars and a nearly full moon.



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