This was June

June was a busy month for work: I was busy at my weekday job and back to regular Saturdays at the farmers market selling flowers. (Pictured below are godetia, one of my favorite flowers. They look super delicate, but they are surprisingly hardy).

godetia (2)

Hiking & Beer at The Tourist Club
The first weekend in June my sister and I hiked to the Tourist Club. The Tourist Club is a pretty ideal outing, combining a neighborhood/stairway walk, an easy Mt. Tam hike and then picnicking and beer-drinking at an Alpine-style chalet in the woods, but this particular trip reminded me why I love the off-season. The Tourist Club was insanely packed and the trails and stairs were also busier than on past trips. And June is also not the prettiest time of year on Mt. Tam. By June, the hills are dry and yellow rather than lush and green.



Summer Fruit Overkill
Mr. WholeHog and I wanted to make sure to take advantage of all the early summer fruits we were bringing home from the market. (One of the perks about working at the market is that the grower I work for gets bags of fruit from another farmer and he shares it with me). And fruit desserts are my favorites. But we went a little overboard in June. It was a month of apricot jam (shown below), apricot pie, apricot-cherry cobbler, nectarine upside-down cake, strawberry-blueberry buckle, peach crumble, blueberry muffins, and rhubarb lemonade. We tried to balance our excess dessert intake with lots of evening walks around the neighborhood.


A Year In
June marked a year since we moved into our home. I’m still working on a few posts about our first year, but I often thought back to where we were a year ago and how we were living. Last year, we couldn’t do any cooking or baking since we didn’t have a kitchen until late July. Last year, I went to Santa Cruz for the weekend while Mr. WholeHog and his dad put in our kitchen floor last year. Last year, the back deck was full of construction equipment and all the windows in the kitchen were covered with plastic. But this year we’re cooking and eating in the kitchen, we’re picking herbs that we’re growing on our back deck and we’re watching the sunset out the back windows.



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