Like so many San Franciscans, I was in tears yesterday morning reading online about the Supreme Court’s decisions on marriage equality.


I was in tears at times at the celebration in the Castro last night, too. I thought back to Election Day in 2008 and how we heard the cheers when Obama won and then how the neighborhood went quiet later as the devastating Prop 8 results came in. That night Castro Street was closed, too. Dance music played that night as if it was a party, but it didn’t feel like one.

I got married in the shadow of Prop 8. Mr. WholeHog and I went to City Hall on a beautiful Thursday morning in March and we left with legal recognition and protection, along with 1,000 federal benefits — none of which my sister and her (then) long-term partner had access to.

It was just so clearly wrong.


And the Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t make everything all right, but it’s a start — an important start. Some couples will start to have access to these federal benefits that are connected to legally recognized marriages. Same-sex couples in California, the most populous state in the U.S., will, once again, be able to marry the person they love. As a sign last night in the Castro said, “Love wins”.


Last night, the Castro was packed, full of visitors and locals, gays and straights. Some people draped themselves in rainbow flags; a few went naked (it is the Castro after all). Couples had their pictures taken holding signs that said “Today We Are More American” or “All Love is Equal”. I pointed one foreign couple to Harvey Milk’s old camera shop. There were so many families, so many kids running through the streets last night who will grow up in such a different world.


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