This was April

The New Divis
I checked out some of the new additions to Divisadero: I had toast at the Mill and shopped at the new BiRite. We considered buying a condo that was one block off of Divisadero, and I sometimes think about what our lives would be like if we lived there and had BiRite, NOPA and the Mill just a few short blocks away.

Flowers at the Farmers Market
I filled in at the farmers market again in April. Getting to work there once (or twice) a month is a really nice balance. It’s also nice to spend a day surrounded by flowers. Flowers make people so happy.


Hawk Cam 2013
It’s year 3 of  the Washington Square red-tail hawk nest again, and there’s three (!) eyasses in the nest this year (and lots of rat-eating).


Out of Town
We visited our parents and spent a weekend in our old hometown(s) checking out all the spring flowers and walking along the river. I enjoyed some serious summertime in the wine country on an overnight trip to Healdsburg with my sister.



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