Now the Sun is Shining

Summer came to San Francisco in April, and I spent the month trying to pack in as much summer as I could.

In SF, seasons don’t arrive in the expected three-month intervals. Instead, we can cycle through a year’s worth of seasons in a week (or even a day). This used to drive me crazy (OK, sometimes it still does), but one thing I’ve grown to appreciate about SF’s unpredictable weather is that we can’t be complacent about it.

goldengatebridgea pretty day down on Crissy Field

We can’t take a warm day for granted because our summers are an accumulation of these rare days when it’s warm enough to wear shorts or when we didn’t need to carry around a jacket. This pushes us to make the most of every warm day in the City, to do something that feels like summer to us, whether it’s wearing a sundress or going to the beach or barbecuing. On one 80-degree day last month, a friend emailed me, “I’m in a sundress!”  This is what a summer day in SF feels like, a time to be documented and celebrated.

I tried to take full advantage of these warm days we had in April and these first few days of May. I had a coffee milkshake and walked along the Bay one sunny afternoon with Mr. WholeHog. We spent a few warm evenings out on our back deck drinking margaritas and having chips and guacamole for dinner (I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten more satisfaction out of the table and chairs on our deck than anything else we’ve bought for our place). I got my first sunburn of the year just walking through the Mission. The first cherries of the season arrived at the farmers market. My sister and I took a trip up to Healdsburg where we wore sundresses, rode bikes, swam in the pool, and ate dinner outside.

h2-poolby the pool in Healdsburg

By the end of such a warm April, I was surprisingly tan. I looked the way I might look after spending a week on the beach at Tahoe in July. I could point to the time I spent by the pool or the sunburn, but the real reason I was tan was simply that we got a shot of summer in SF and I was out enjoying it.


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