Buttermilk Trail

I make a point of visiting my old home town in the summer to swim in the Yuba river, and the last few years, I’ve tried to also visit in the spring to walk on the Buttermilk trail.


It’s an easy and mostly flat walk in above the river (it looks down on where my family and I used to swim in the summer months), and it’s a good hike for people like me who don’t know much about wildflowers because there are signs along the trail that identify the many different wildflowers in bloom.

April is high season for wildflowers, but the weather can be iffy. One year it snowed the day after we’d walked on the Buttermilk trail; this year it was so warm that people were already swimming in the river.


Last year we didn’t get a chance to visit during wildflower season; by April, our remodel had taken over our lives. The year before, I’d walked the trail in May, in a daze, still confused and stunned about the end of my sister’s marriage. That year we were too late for wildflowers, but flowers were the least of our concerns. This year, though, made up for it: the weather was lovely and there were many, many flowers.



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