This was March

We made the most of the beautiful (and dry) weather in March: we camped, hiked, biked, explored new corners of the City, and spent some time in our garden. It was such a stark contrast to last March when we began our remodel and spent that dreary month looking at tile, appliances, and countertops.

Selling Flowers at the Farmers Market I filled in at the farmers market on the first Saturday in March, the first time I’d worked the market since December. (On my way to the market at 6am, I got to see previews of the pretty new Bay Lights project on the Bay Bridge.) Apples are long gone, but I sold flowers and came home with some flowering quince branches, which bloomed in our kitchen over the next few weeks.


We watched dozens of cedar waxwings feast on our neighbors red-berry bush and congregate on our neighbors’ bamboo. (Crummy picture but you get the idea).


Hiking & Camping
We spent a lot of time outside. We hiked San Bruno mountain, took two favorite Mt. Tam hikes and hiked in Point Reyes. We camped.



Exploring the City
We went to two new-to-me areas of the City: the neighborhood around Precita Park, a surprisingly charming corner of the City given that it butts up against Highway 101 and the busy (and ugly) part of Cesar Chavez Street, and Potrero Hill park and community garden in Potrero Hill.

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge
Biking across the Bridge had long been on my to-do list, and Mr. WholeHog and I checked it off my list. This picture is just for show (the picture was taken from the car on a previous trip); there was no time or space to take pictures while I was on my bike.


The chicken wire we put up in February has mostly kept the squirrels from destroying our latest starts. My parsley and peas look good, and I was so thrilled when the fava beans we planted from seed finally sprouted.



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