This was February

Because I am still struggling to get much up on ye old blog, here’s another monthly wrap-up (mostly in pictures).

Superbowl Sunday at the Headlands – We spent a Sunday morning at the Marin Headlands, walking past where we got married and taking in the view of SF along the coastline. (We ended up watching the Superbowl with some friends later that afternoon. Neither Mr. WholeHog nor I follow football anymore, but we both used to be big 49er fans, and we both had fond memories of watching the 49ers dust the Chargers in our respective college dorms in 1995. Let’s just say that the 2013 Niners had nothing on the teams I grew up rooting for.)


Car camping in Napa – President’s Day weekend gave Mr. WholeHog and I two consecutive days off together and we pitched a tent at Bothe-Napa State Park. It wasn’t spectacular camping by any means, but it gave us a chance to dust off our camping equipment and get out of town during the off-season. The campground wasn’t packed (I don’t think many people come to Napa for the camping) and we didn’t see too many people on the trails that connect into the campground.


Sign of Spring – February marks the beginning of spring in San Francisco (remember that we get a little winter in July). The weather was clear, sunny and mild (at times, it was downright summery), and around the city, many streets, including ours, were lined with blooming magnolias, plum or cherry trees. The picture below is of the plum tree in front of our building.


Home Improvement (Not Pictured) We also made some progress on the home front in February. We paid some attention to our neglected garden space, pulling out a ton of weeds, moving our planter box into a sunnier spot and covering it with chicken wire to try to keep the terrible squirrels out (I spent one Saturday morning googling how to kill squirrels). We’re slowly making some progress on putting our house together. We bought a larger rug for the living room and a runner for our hallway, and a new-to-us coffee table and matching end table.  We also sold a shelf on Craigslist that we couldn’t seem to find a place for and the put that money right back into Craigslist, buying a table and four chairs for our deck.  Reading the Sunday Times out on the deck in the summery weather may have been the best part of the month.


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