This was January

While I work on some year-end posts (yes I am that behind), here’s a look what I’ve been up to for the last month.

Hawaii – I’d been to Hawaii three times before and never really understood the appeal (too commercialized, too much driving, terrible food), but this time around, I think I finally got it. I loved getting to swim in the ocean in January. I loved sitting in the sun on a beautiful beach and reading two books. I loved staying in a smaller town (Kailua) where there were no big resorts or hotels. I loved being walking distance from the beach. I loved watching people walk their dogs down the beach and how the dogs would try to pick up the coconuts that had fallen into the surf.  Kailua is where the Obamas stay and I loved looking at pictures of the first family doing exactly what we were doing: walking down the beach, swimming in the clear water, and hiking up the pillbox trail.


Breakfast at the Farmers Market – I was happy to be back in San Francisco eating mole enchiladas filled with potatoes and chorizo and topped with a poached egg and pickled vegetables, and taking in the view of the Bay Bridge.



Noir City – Mr. WholeHog and I went to our 11th (!) Noir City film festival at the Castro theater. My favorite night was Wednesday’s San Francisco Noir, two films that were both filmed in San Francisco (one of the movies ended with a shootout during a Giants game at Candlestick Park). After each film, there was a brief movie that showed what the locations in the movies looked like today. I love seeing how the city has changed (and how much remains the same).



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