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That’s My Old Self

February 15, 2013

It has taken me a long time to feel ready to write about 2012. It was a heavy year, and I’m still adjusting to the weight of it.

The year started so optimistically: we’d just bought our first home. We owned this tiny space in San Francisco. After years of feeling like my life lacked progress, being a homeowner felt like a big step forward to me. I’d started to get into the last Beastie album, “Hot Sauce Committee Part II”. I listened to that album in the car on so many remodel errands. I remember the song I was listening to on my way home from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito. The Beasties seemed to be in the same mindset: “The best is yet to come and yes, believe this.”

And then MCA died.

Part of me still feels like the year came to a full stop on May 4th.


As big as that loss is to me, 2012 didn’t offer much time to feel sorry for myself. Other people around me dealt with losses that hit much closer to home. I was selling apples at the farmers market one Saturday in August when my friend and coworker got the call that her mother had died. The family that runs the farm I work for at the farmers market learned that one of their family members had a serious, life-threatening illness. At the peak of apple season, the farm’s busiest time of the year, the family dealt with brain surgery, cancer, a stroke, trips to the emergency room — and still showed up to sell apples at seven different farmers markets each week.

Pass me the scalpel, I’ll make an incision
I’ll cut off the part of your brain that does the bitching
Put it in formaldehyde and put it on the shelf
And you can show it to your friends and say that’s my old self

Although for me 2012 was a year marked primarily by loss, writing this usual year-end post prompted me to think about the year in terms of travel, food, neighborhood — and that helped me remember that while this was a heavy year, there were some lighter moments along the way.

ptreyesoceana stretch of beach off the Coast Trail in Point Reyes

2012 On the Road
While we didn’t get to any new cities or countries this year, home-related errands led us to visit some unusual parts of the Bay Area. (more…)

This was January

February 11, 2013

While I work on some year-end posts (yes I am that behind), here’s a look what I’ve been up to for the last month.

Hawaii – I’d been to Hawaii three times before and never really understood the appeal (too commercialized, too much driving, terrible food), but this time around, I think I finally got it. I loved getting to swim in the ocean in January. I loved sitting in the sun on a beautiful beach and reading two books. I loved staying in a smaller town (Kailua) where there were no big resorts or hotels. I loved being walking distance from the beach. I loved watching people walk their dogs down the beach and how the dogs would try to pick up the coconuts that had fallen into the surf.  Kailua is where the Obamas stay and I loved looking at pictures of the first family doing exactly what we were doing: walking down the beach, swimming in the clear water, and hiking up the pillbox trail.


Breakfast at the Farmers Market – I was happy to be back in San Francisco eating mole enchiladas filled with potatoes and chorizo and topped with a poached egg and pickled vegetables, and taking in the view of the Bay Bridge.



Noir City – Mr. WholeHog and I went to our 11th (!) Noir City film festival at the Castro theater. My favorite night was Wednesday’s San Francisco Noir, two films that were both filmed in San Francisco (one of the movies ended with a shootout during a Giants game at Candlestick Park). After each film, there was a brief movie that showed what the locations in the movies looked like today. I love seeing how the city has changed (and how much remains the same).