Christmastime in the Cities

I love city-related gifts and every December, I highlight some of my new finds. (See last year’s list here.)


Loose Petals makes great prints that highlight cities around the world (including cities in that are often overlooked, like Nashville, Des Moines, and Madison). I like that the modern SF print of the Ferry Building (shown above) includes the N Judah train, the Embarcadero’s bow and arrow sculpture, and Red’s Java House.

08 california and stockton-M

If photography is more up your alley, consider a Shawn Clover print of these incredible mash-ups of current SF and SF after the 1906 earthquake (the example, above, shows California Street).


The Social Dept. sells all kinds of city-related shirts, including some that celebrate regional food (spam for Hawaii, burritos for SF). I like the simplicity of this SFer shirt, and I appreciate the important reminder in the “Welcome to San Francisco (bring a jacket)“. But I think the real winner is the “Straight Outta San Francisco Land of Quality Big Hills and Summer Chills“.

See what The Social Dept. has to say about your neck of the woods.


One of my favorite things about cities is all the individual neighborhoods, and The Bold Italic’s postcard set of SF neighborhoods is a visual tour through SF-landia.

Prefer states to cities? Check Apartment Therapy’s round-up of state-related gifts.


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