Just because it’s Christmastime

I wasn’t ready for Christmas this year. I’m still a little bewildered to find us all here, at the dark end of the year. My box of Christmas stuff is still in our storage shed, and we still don’t have a tree. All I’ve done so far this holiday season is check some of my favorite online shops for gift ideas. Here are some of the shops where I’ve been looking for unique gifts:

826 Valencia Pirate Store –  826 Valencia is a nonprofit writing and tutoring center that also functions as a pirate store, selling lard, glass eyes, and beard extensions. More modern folk will likely be more interested in the Beards are the New Black t-shirt or prints that are guaranteed to confound visitors to your home, such as A Lemon a Day Keeps the Teeth in Your Head (You have scurvy, get over it).

Huset – Huset is the place to go for Scandinavian designed (or inspired) items, like patterned ceramics, and adorable animals that prevent your pots from boiling over.

Rifle Paper Co. – Beautiful paper goods, like invites, cards, prints, and calendars (I’m putting the Cities calendar on my Christmas list this year). Rifle also makes one of the loveliest recipe boxes around.

Canoe – Just about everything sold at Canoe is beautifully designed. Need proof? These genius bookends that are also planters.

TerrainTerrain is part of the Anthropology chain, so it isn’t the most independent option out there, but where else will you find straws that look like birch trees or this botanical-printed tape?


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