Spread Your Wings in the Sky

The NYU red-tail hawk eyasses grew up so quickly. This screenshot was from April 23, 2012:

And this one was taken almost a month later (May 18, 2012):

I stopped taking screenshots for a few weeks after one of the eyasses sliced (read shat) on the window directly front of the webcam and blocked smeared the view of the nest. For your viewing pleasure, I present one shitty screenshot from May 15, 2012:

But now that the New York Times adjusted the webcam (if you scroll down on this post from the Urban Hawks blog, you can actually see them adjusting the webcam), the new view extends beyond the nest to the ledge where the eyasses are spending more of their time, jumping and practicing flapping their wings.

And tonight, both hawks reportedly fledged. As usual, the Urban Hawks blog has incredible footage of the first flight.


One Response to “Spread Your Wings in the Sky”

  1. mary evelyn Says:

    Was Bobby as involved this year?

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