Whatever Happened to Christmas?

It is usually my tradition to run holiday posts this time of year, but between buying our first home (more on that later) and working six-days a week, I’ve hardly had a chance to think about Christmas.

But now that I’ve signed the last papers for our home purchase (!) and worked my last farmers market for the year, I plan to spend this last week enjoying what’s left of this holiday season. Although I missed this year’s Noir City Christmas at the Castro theater, there’s still time to stop by some of my favorite local stores, to walk through the dark city streets and admire the lights and decor, and to do some holiday drinking. Tis at least one of the reasons for the season.

This year, Mr. WholeHog has Christmas eve off so we’ll get to drive up to our home towns together and if the weather holds up, we’ll count the hawks we see on the drive, just like I used to do with my parents when I was a kid and we’d drive down to SF on Christmas Day.

Because we’re crazy for Primavera and because eating Primavera’s chile relleno en nogada has become one of our shared holiday traditions, we’ll also be making a detour through Sonoma on our way up to the foothills this year, so we can stop at El Molino Central to get our holiday fix.


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