Travel Tip

I aspire to be the sort of traveler who is calm and collected, who is able to roll with the unexpected and head out on a trip with minimal supplies. But this week I went into my usual pre-trip mania. I came up with plenty of errands (I’ve visited the Apple store three times in the last week) and ideas that I feel compelled to follow through (see: additional blog posts).

I’m always sure there’s a way to pack less, to get the ‘right’ clothes that would enable everything I brought to go perfectly together, or some extra thing that will make my whole trip better.

In an attempt to learn how to become a better traveler, I asked one of my most well-traveled friends about what she’s like before a trip. My friend was born overseas and has lived in Asia, Europe and the U.S. She takes an international trip probably every year so I was somewhat gratified to hear her response:

“No, I’m not really all that calm before a trip, and like you, 2-3 days before the trip I realize there is too much to do. One of my favorite parts though is when I’ve zipped up the suitcase before we head out and I say ‘fuck it!’ to anything I might have forgotten since it can be bought on the trip! Usually this is all done while having a cocktail, regardless of what hour (3AM one time, and at 6AM in the airport another time!).”

This may be the best travel advice I’ve heard.


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