A Simple Summer Meal

My fellow farm school students and I got to take home some of the 300 pounds of food we harvested from the farm, choosing what we wanted out of the boxes in the back of the pick-up truck.

Over the next week, I snacked on the tiny carrots, turned the tomatillos into salsa, and paired the summer squash corn in this favorite summer pasta. But I ate the eggplant first — I’m on a big eggplant kick this summer — in a variation on panzanella, or bread salad.

Bread salad is one of my regular summer meals. It’s a great way to use up stale bread and extra tomatoes (we were lucky enough to get two (!) flats from Marquita Farms) and it’s easy to make variations on the basic recipe which is cubed bread, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil tossed in vinaigrette.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Mr. WholeHog likes to toast the bread which helps it from getting too soggy. In the version pictured here, he toasted and seasoned the bread. Instead of the cucumbers, we added the eggplants I’d grown — sliced and roasted —  as well as some charred padron peppers we had on hand. Mozzarella goes well with tomatoes and basil (in the picture above, we used burrata).

With a glass of rose, it was a perfect summer meal on a gray and gloomy SF August evening.


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