Some Semblance of Summer

SF beat the calendar this year offering up a few truly summery days before the official start of summer yesterday. But today there’s a fog bank hovering ominously over the west side of the City and the weather forecast has sunk back into the 60s rather than the (dreamy) 70s and 80s.

Since summer in SF is so fleeting, I’m making a list of some of the things that might give me some semblance of summer over these next few months:

Annual Trip to Tahoe – Last year’s Tahoe trip changed my whole perspective on my annual family trip. Although it’s no longer the highlight of my summer, it’s still a chance to be a warm weather and to swim in clean, cold water.

Tahoe Part 2: Return to the Lake – Every year I say I’m going to get back up to the lake before the summer is over so I’ve been bookmarking vacation rentals on the west shore.

Time on Farm – Thanks to Farm School, I already know I’ll spend four Saturdays working on this Sonoma land.

Swimming in the River – I’ve already said so much about the river. A given.

Get back on my bikeSunday Streets means that I have no excuse to avoid my bike. Maybe I’ll dust the cobwebs off the bike and take it out to the Great Highway next month.

Pick Berries at Swanton – I’m prepared for my inevitable overeager u-picking this year since I took CUESA’s jam making class with Happy Girl Kitchen.

Go back to Santa Cruz –  A chance to check off a few of my summer plans: get on my bike, pick strawberries and enjoy my old college town as a tourist.

More Swimming-  While I prefer swimming in clean rivers and lakes, I’ll take a pool if it’ll get me out of the foggy City. I’m curious about two wine country pool options: in Geyserville, Coppola Winery offers a pool pass and Napa-Bothe state park also has a pool.

Apple Picking – Suck it East Coasters: our apple season starts in August and if our late spring rains haven’t ruined the crop, I’d love to go back and pick some gravensteins this year.


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