Notes from an Enthusiastic Apple Eater

Some say it’s fall, but it was 80 degrees at 10am this morning in San Francisco and that means one thing: it’s summer.

Summer in San Francisco arrives about the same time as apple season which makes this one of the best times of the year for me since sunshine and apples are two of my very favorite things.

I think of myself as a very enthusiastic apple eater so I was surprised (and delighted) to find that there were still apple varieties that I’d never tried before. Here are some of what I tried for the first time this year:

  • Cinnamon Spice – Sort of a let down, given the name. I didn’t taste any cinnamon in this very dense-fleshed apple.
  • Idared – A storybook-looking apple with a bright red skin and snowy white flesh. Sadly, I found it rather bland.
  • Kidd’s Orange Red – Lacked the acidity I like in an apple, and a little more dense than I like.
  • Golden Supreme – Yellow-skinned but crisp and crunchy. Delicious.
  • Ashmead’s Kernel – Unusual in both name and appearance (it has a dull yellowish-green skin webbed with russet), it had a lovely taste. Dense-fleshed but still juicy.
  • Best Ever – Erroneously named in my opinion. I found this apple bland and certainly not the ‘best ever.’
  • Swaar – Reminds me of a pear but with the acidity of an apple. Intriguing.

Of course, my tasting notes are not professional and I don’t have the most discerning palate. But the more apples I try, the more I learn what I like. This year, I’ve learned that I like both sweet (Hawaiian, Honeycrisp) and tart (Empire, Arkansas Black) apples, and that my ideal apple is a juicy, crunchy apple with a good hit of acidity.


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