Finding Out about Farm Tours

As I’ve probably made clear by now, I’m a big fan of farm tours. I learn a lot from going to different farms and meeting farmers and food producers, and I think more people should go see how food is produced.

To help, I’ve compiled a list of some of the many ways you can find out about farm tours. This list is by no means comprehensive, and it is primarily SF Bay Area focused, but I’d guess that these three primary sources for learning about up-coming tours  — farms, food organizations, and the web — are probably relevant wherever you live.

Every farm tour is different. Some farms do just a tour of their property and discuss their practices, while others may offer a whole day events, u-picks, or include a meal. Costs vary, usually based on how elaborate the event is.

The easiest way to find out about a farm tour, of course, is simply to check in with a farm. You can ask the farmers at your local farmers market or many farms have websites with tours or events listed. Keep in mind that not all farm yours are open to everyone. Some farms only do tours for their CSA members.

Some of the many farms and ranches around San Francisco that offer tours include:

Meat & Cheese Producers

Fruit & Vegetable Growers

Farm-related Organizations
Food or agriculture-related organizations can also be a great resource. Check with whoever runs your local farmers market to see if they know about any farm tours. Examples of such organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area include:

Online Resources
The web can also help connect you with farms in your area. Some websites offer lists of farm tours and other events, such as:

Much to my chagrin, some farms are using Facebook to alert ‘fans’ (sigh) to their tours and events. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a Facebook member to access most of these pages. A few local examples are:


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