Police Blotters- January 2010

  • 7:50 a.m. – A man called to report he found a bomb in his mailbox. Officers searched the box to find a marijuana pipe wrapped in tin foil.
  • 6:08 p.m. – A woman called to report her granddaughter claims to have seen a man in a black tuxedo shirt peeping into the home.
  • 8:51 p.m. — A woman reported hearing what sounded like a cannon being discharged in the area. She was worried abut the safety of her dog.
  • 10:15 p.m. — A woman reported a drunken man had urinated on a deck and threw a chair.
  • 9:33 p.m. — A woman reported someone knocked loudly on her door, laughed and left.
  • 5:53 p.m. — A woman reported her mother turns off the heat and radio and won’t let her use the car. The mother could be heard yelling in the background. The situation was mediated.
  • 8:23 p.m. — A caller from a business reported a man took a Rice Krispies treat and left without paying. A man was arrested on suspicion of petty theft with a prior jail term for theft.
  • 4:48 p.m. — A caller from a local walking trail reported a man with a blue shirt on his head had been seen running with no clothing. He could not be located. At 5:37 p.m., another caller reported a person standing at the trail entrance, completely nude. Officers could not locate the man.
  • 9:33 a.m. – A woman called to report an unknown person put a “for rent” ad for her home up on the Craigslist. More than 20 people came to her home this weekend to check it out.
  • 5:02 p.m. – A man called to report his gun was stolen from his home. He couldn’t remember the make but knew it was a 7-shot revolver. He said the suspect also stole a small bag of marijuana. He said he’d like the gun back but doesn’t need the pot.
  • 5:25 p.m. — A woman reported finding a dead bird on her porch with a note that said “Die.”
  • 6:15 p.m. — A woman reported someone came into her residence through the unlocked garage door and wrote “Turkey” with their finger on the inside of a window.
  • 12:52 a.m. — A woman reported her son was “going nuts” with a screwdriver.

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