In the New Year

As the silence around here shows, the New Year has been a little challenging.

The transition from Christmas to the New Year isn’t easy. Christmas brings time off work, good food and drink, and presents and celebrations, while the New Year means going back to work, usually the start of California’s rainy season, and new diets and other (probably unrealistic) resolutions. Which would you choose? (I’ll be over with the food and drink and time off work while you make up your mind.)

Santa brought me pig slippers and new pajamas, while the New Year brought me a shit-ton of work and brought California a shit-ton of rain. We desperately need the rain, of course. It’ll help our crops grow and make for better swimming in Tahoe this summer (the dock at our beach in Tahoe was almost entirely out of the water last year). But as much as I look forward to swimming this summer (and it better be good Mother Nature!), I’m not ready to swim my way into work, thank you very much.

I struggle to find something positive about this dark and rainy and non-celebratory time of year (aside from being closer to springing our clocks forward and getting some daylight back in our lives). But I do appreciate how that the farmers market is blissfully empty now, despite that in California at least, there is still so much to eat.

When the weather permits, winter is my favorite time of year for hiking. You get the often-crowded coastal trails practically to yourself  and on those breathtakingly clear winter days, the views are incredible.

And this weekend brings one of my very favorite San Francisco events: the Noir City film festival, 10 totally entertaining nights at the Castro Theater.

But on those (frequent) days when I need a reminder that Spring isn’t too far away, I can look over at where the Christmas tree used to be and see the pink branches of quince blossoms that Mr. WholeHog biked home from the farmers market.


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