Have Yourself a Local Little Christmas

The holidays bring another chance to participate in the 3/50 Project and support local stores and businesses. Just select three local stores and committing to spend $50 locally (that’s $50 total, not $50 in each store).

In San Francisco, there’s little reason to deal with the crowds at the mall when you could visit (or revisit) some favorite local stores. Since so many shops now have a website, I even add locally-stocked items to my Christmas list, essentially enlisting my relatives into supporting some of my favorite local businesses.

Rare Device – So many of my favorite things come from Rare Device, like my bright yellow jacket and my favorite Good Society jeans. It’s a great place for gift items that you won’t find everywhere else with reasonably priced artwork, clothes, bags, jewelry and housewares. I love giving these bright, cheery vases and I have these silver dogwood earrings on my gift list this year.

Omnivore Books – This darling bookstore is devoted to new and vintage food books. You’ll find cookbooks, food memoirs, and books on raising animals and gardening. If you’re in need of pasture-raised eggs, Omnivore’s got you covered there, too — plus there’s a chance you’ll spot local celeb Jonathan Richman picking up eggs, too.

Of course, if you are looking for non-food-related books, you should head directly to Green Apple Books. Green Apple is what a bookstore should be: a rambling house with books stacked floor to ceiling. If that wasn’t enough, hardcovers are discounted and they have the best remaindered book section in the City.

BiRite Grocery – A one-stop shop for the best local food and drink. It’s where I get my current favorite chocolate bar, Alter Eco velvet, but there are also other excellent local sweets like Kika’s Treats and Poco Dolce chocolate tiles. (If you are traveling this season, consider a pack of Poco Dolce to help with airport crowds and airplane food. It was the best thing we brought with us on our flight to Italy).

BiRite also stocks wine from Sutton Cellars, another of my favorite finds this year. I particularly love the Rattlesnake Rose’ and the Sutton vermouth (it goes perfectly with the citrus now in season).


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