We On Award Tour

When asked why I moved back to SF, I hardly know where to start.

There was the lack of density in the East Bay, and the distance between neighborhoods and commercial areas required more driving than I liked.  There was the lack of decent local grocery stores and the fact that so many local stores, even corner markets, closed so early. There were the deserted streets, how I saw more cats than people on my 10 minute walk to BART and BART was such a long haul and expensive to boot.

But the simplest explanation, and the reason that encompasses so many of the others, is that I realized the value of living close to the things I love.

During this first month back in the City, I’ve returned to many of the places and events I love in San Francisco.

We moved back right in time for our favorite outdoor music festival, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and, of course, we stopped by Arizmendi Bakery while we were in the neighborhood.

We ate at Nopalito and bought books at Green Apple. We browsed the vintage furniture stores on Valencia Street. We saw Dave Eggers interview Nick Hornby at City Arts & Lectures. We got a Mariquita Farms mystery box, dropped off right across the street from our house. We ate a lot of ice cream.

Everything is close by now. After work one day, I picked up bread at Tartine (we’ve bought Tartine bread at least once a week despite the fact that our SF apartment lacks the counter space necessary for Tartine’s giant loaves). Then I picked up some groceries at BiRite, spontaneously popped into Pizzeria Delfina for dinner and still had time to catch a movie downtown.

And there are always new places to go, too. The Sunday Inner Sunset farmers market started while we were on the other side of the Bay. I got to Four Barrel Coffee at long last. A visit to Flora Grubb Gardens brought me to an area of the City I’d never been before. At Contigo, we found a friend from the farmers market manning the flatbread station and were reminded that SF can be like a small town at times.

It’s all here. And now, so are we.


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