We Found the Light

Many San Francisco homes have fireplaces. Or at least they have the makings of a fireplace: the mantel and the hearth are still there, but the actual place where a fire would burn is just an empty space.

In our last SF apartment, we put a shelf in our empty fireplace and used it to hold some of our books. My sister uses her fireplace to hold her record player. Perhaps because they had so many grandkids, my grandparents kept a crate of dolls in their fireplace.

Our new SF apartment, however, has what may be the best replacement for a fireplace: a working gas heater.

004It looks right, providing that essential image of fire, and it actually does provide some heat without filling our place with smoke (although I do miss that satisfying crackling sound that comes from a real fire).

It’s just one of the many things I’m appreciating about our new apartment, especially as our nights turn colder.


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