Get It Together

Even though Tahoe is relatively close by, we’ve been preparing for the trip. Instead of worrying about luggage restrictions or 3 ounce liquids, though, we’re focused on food.

Mr. WholeHog and I try to bring beer, wine, food and coffee up to Tahoe with us. It’s a way for us to contribute since my aunts all pay for the cabin, and it’s a way for us to insure that we don’t end up eating feedlot meat, or drinking supermarket coffee or Costco-brand beer.

Tahoe has grocery stores, of course, but that requires leaving the cabin, driving  on Highway 50, and mingling with the oft-trashy South Lakers — all of which I try to avoid as much as possible.

I’d also rather avoid most supermarkets since they doen’t tell you anything about the food: where is the meat from? where were the vegetables grown? And if last year was any indication, supermarket produce can be abominable. Last year, produce was literally rotting on the shelf.

South Lake does have a farmers market (we went last year but won’t be in town for the Tuesday market this year) and there is also a decent meat option:  we found Overland Meat Company a few years ago, thanks to the Eatwell Guide. But while the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, it’s generally not pasture-raised. Aside from meat, Overland also sells a pretty good salsa, cheeses and some good wines.

Here’s some of what we’re bringing to the lake this year:

1 jar Massa almond butter (in an effort to avoid feedlot lunch meat or Salmonella-infused peanut butter)

2 packs of Primavera tamales

2 lbs Rancho Gordo beans

2 packs Fatted Calf Mexican Chorizo

2 lbs Blue Bottle Coffee (much of it made into coffee concentrate by Mr. WholeHog)

5 lbs Prather Ranch ground beef

2 Gleason Ranch chickens

6 bottles of wine

12 Arizmendi english muffins


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