Rave: Oakland! video

It’s crappy here, and that makes it authentic!”  That pretty much sums it up.

If you go to youtube, you get to read whiny posts by Oaklanders who are put out by this video. I should have expected it since people in Oakland get so defensive about being negatively compared to San Francisco, and yet, they repeatedly compare Oakland to San Francisco, striving to find ways that Oakland is “better”.

When  we moved here, almost everyone we met mentioned was quick to point out that “Parking is easier here than in SF”, or “It’s warmer here than SF.”  This actually made me start to believe Getrude Stein’s famous quote “there’s no there there” in Oakland.  Parking and warm weather don’t make a city. Sacramento also has easy parking and warm weather. So does Modesto.

What makes Oakland special? What makes an Oaklander love where they live (aside from that it’s not SF)? I’m still trying to figure it out.


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