Or Maybe There’s No Obligations Now

And when it was all over, we had our life back.

It’s not that we’d necessarily abandoned the things we like to do while we were in the fog of wedding planning. We still went to the farmers market every Saturday. We dropped by 18 Reasons to eat Andante cheese, and found time to eat at much anticipated Nopalito twice. But it felt different. It was like being in school again, when your weekend didn’t really feel like free time because there was still homework to be done.

There was always something else we could be doing, should be doing, in those weeks leading up to the wedding, and so many of the things we did for fun were combined with wedding-related errands. Nopalito was close to The Other Shop, where we’d picked up some wedding decor. We justified going to 18 Reasons because we could also order a case of wine at BiRite.

But this first month post-wedding, our time felt ours again. There was so much we wanted to do that we packed our weeks full. (We were so enthusiastic, in fact, that we ended up with tickets for two different events on the same night.)

We went back to many of our favorite things: going to Blue Bottle’s first day in the Ferry Building to drink macchiatos and lust after their custom-made Heath Ceramics espresso cups. We checked out events like Pop-Up Magazine, and tried new sandwich shops that use local ingredients.

I even made it to a show, my first in at least a year, seeing Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes at the Fillmore. Sitting in the Fillmore’s balcony, drinking beer with Mr. WholeHog as we waited for the show to start reminded me so much of the early days of our relationship. Our first outing together in SF was to see the Shins at the Great American Music Hall and over the years, we’ve seen so many bands together.

Mr.WholeHog has undoubtedly influenced my taste in music, coffee and even sandwiches, but he claims that I gave him a new appreciation for ice cream. And maybe I did, since he was the one to suggest that we go to Humphrey Slocombe one unseasonably warm Saturday.

Let it be known that had we lived in SF, I would never have let two months go by before trying a much-lauded ice cream shop (especially one that makes a salted licorice flavor). I still love my BiRite Creamery, of course, but anywhere that offers “Your Tin Roof Rusted” for $6, and has a sundae called “Hot Mess” is a place I want to frequent. Who doesn’t want a little personality with their ice cream, especially when their ice cream is so good?


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