Police Blotters – February 2009

  • 10:28 p.m. — A caller reported a fake cat in the roadway.
  • 5:32 p.m. — A caller said that someone egged her home, and had previously left a bag of fecal matter on her porch.
  • 10:17 a.m. — A woman reported someone was tormenting and belittling her.
  • 1:32 a.m. — A woman reported her neighbor was being loud, and when she confronted him, he became irate and started yelling he “wants to kill the dog and go to state prison.”
  • 3:01 p.m. — A woman said she was assaulted earlier, and 20 pairs of jeans were stolen from her house the previous night, along with her identity.
  • 2:43 p.m. — A man reported neighborhood children whistling very loudly.
  • 8:18 p.m. — A woman reported her neighbors were on her property staring at her.
  • 8:49 a.m. — A caller from a middle school reported a man came to the school at about 7:30 a.m. and kept insisting he needed to see teachers that he had more than 20 years ago. He was “shaving and brushing his teeth in the office.” He was told he could not be on campus during school hours.
  • 1:31 p.m. — A caller reported their marijuana had been stolen.
  • 2:28 p.m. — A caller reported his wife was acting “crazy” and had pulled his hair.
  • 4:54 p.m. — A caller reported a man they did not know with multiple tattoos on his left arm was passed out on a bed in a second-story room. Responding deputies arrested the man for resisting arrest and trespassing.
  • 9:52 a.m. — A caller reported seeing a dark sedan with a man strapped to the hood with a fire hose. The vehicle could not be located.
  • 11:26 a.m. — A woman reported her neighbor tried to run her over with his wheelchair.
  • 9:39 a.m. — A caller reported a man in a cowboy hat and a duster was yelling and screaming.
  • 8:39 a.m. — A man reported his caretakers were threatening him with “a fist” and “a fork.”
  • 4:33 p.m. — A woman reported a man took photos of her and her husband while they were shoveling snow. The man threatened to show the photos to the Social Security Administration because the couple is on disability. She said the man refused to help them shovel the snow and was trying to set them up. She said she was using a “pooper scooper” to shovel the snow.
  • 4:51 p.m. – A caller reported her neighbor pushed her and took a cigarette. The parties were advised to stay away from each other.
  • 5:46 p.m. – A man reported a neighbor who regularly “peeled out” in front of his house and “flipped him off.” The caller informed law enforcement he believed the neighbor had loosened lug nuts on his tractor.
  • 9:55 a.m. — A caller reported he would be shooting mistletoe out of a tree at 10:30 a.m.
  • 10:25 a.m. — A woman from Minnesota called to request a welfare check on her sister. She said she called her wheelchair-bound sister and all she heard on the line was panting. The sister was contacted; her husband had answered the phone and thought it was a telemarketer, so he left the phone off the hook while working out on his exercise machine.
  • 3:51 p.m. — A caller reported a silver four-door vehicle was heading toward the highway with a woman on the hood who appeared to be in an argument with the driver. The woman, who was blonde, was last seen taking off her clothing.
  • 3:52 a.m. — A woman reported her daughter came to her in spirit and reported she was in a traffic accident.

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