Setting My Sights

Until we moved, I didn’t realize how much I relied on my SF staples — the places that soothed me, fed me or kept me entertained. I have no such places in the East Bay yet. No favorite walks or restaurants or shops or neighborhoods.

But I did come to the Eastside with a decent list of places to go and restaurants to try, and when I’ve felt lost without my usual routines these last few weeks, it’s helped to remember the things I’d like to do with this year in the East Bay, like:

  • Pie – The EB happily has many pie options (Sweet Adeline, Fat Apples, Bakesale Betty) and I plan to try them all.
  • Good Mexican food – Apparently, it exists!
  • Breakfast – Will anything beat our old trips to the SF Blue Bottle Cafe? One can hope.
  • Camino – Restaurant (like so many East Bay restaurants) run by a Chez Panisse alum.
  • Brown Sugar Kitchen – Southern food with a local/organic focus (AND Blue Bottle Coffee).
  • Ici – Something has to fill the giant Birite Creamery void.
  • Parkway Theater – Food, drinks and movies under one roof.
  • Wine tasting at Rosenblum’s Alameda tasting room (wouldn’t mind popping into Hangar One either).
  • Cheeseboard/Arizmendi
  • Hike – We’ve explored the wilds of the North Bay far more than the East Bay. I’d like to climb Mt. Diablo and explore some of the may parks in this neck of the woods.
  • Stroll the Hood(s)- Neighborhood walks were a favorite past time in the City, I hope it proves fruitful here too. Our impromptu stroll through Elmood recently was lovely.
  • BBQ – We finally have enough outdoor space to get a barbecue and start grilling.

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