Another Vision of Us

Mr. WholeHog and I finally found the sort of place we’d been looking for: a house to rent, where we won’t be woken early in the morning by the neighbors above us or kept up late by the person living below us; a place that welcomes dogs —  real dogs, not the dog-like “under 25 lbs.” animals; a home with some neat architectural details (and, of course, like so many rentals, it also comes with some deeply random touches that only a landlord could love).

Because it is within walking distance to a vibrant neighborhood and reliable public transportation, it allows us to continue living a mostly car-less life.

But there’s one problem and it’s a doozy: it isn’t in San Francisco.

2009 marks my 10th year in S.F. and I’m not ready to leave yet. It was Mr. WholeHog and I’s first home, and the first time that I’m choosing to move out of a place I really love.

Everywhere I look, I see things that I’ll miss.  On a recent walk through Dolores Park, I tried to ask Mr. WholeHog if we’d still come here on warm days and picnic in the park, but my voice broke. I was relieved to be in sunglasses so the hipsters couldn’t watch me try to hold back tears.

I got choked up again this weekend at Arizmendi Bakery, our old neighborhood haunt, when Howard greeted us with a cheery, “Hello friends!”. We met Howard simply because we showed up at Arizmendi nearly every day when we lived in the Inner Sunset. He is one of many people and places that make me feel like part of a community here.

I know I’m overreacting. We’re only moving across the bay, a short 22 minute train ride from the City. We’ll be coming into the City for work during the week, going to our same yoga class and to our farmers market on Saturdays. (We refuse to give up our Primavera breakfasts!). But it still feels like a loss to me, even if it is only a loss of convenience.

As much as I don’t want to leave, this move feels necessary. We’ve looked for dog-friendly apartments in S.F. for years, we’ve long craved a little more space from neighbors and hoped for an outdoor space where no one would dump the grease from their BBQ down on our plants. But in S.F., the trade off was often lack of a neighborhood or a longer commute.

And we can always come back. This move is a trial run, a year to give another city a try. A year from now, maybe this blog will be focused on all that I love about the East Bay or maybe we’ll be ready to move again and more willing to accept the City’s trade offs.

No matter what, San Francisco will always be Mr. WholeHog and I’s first home, and now, the East Bay will be where we lived in our first house, together.


One Response to “Another Vision of Us”

  1. sarah Says:

    A trial run is a good thing. It’s nice that you’re still working in the city so there won’t be as much of a chance to miss it.

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