A Time for Gifts & Giving

I’ve been slow to warm up to Christmas this year. But I’ve found that one sure-fire way to catch a little holiday spirit is to give to those who truly need assistance. Charitable organizations especially need our help this year given the economic decline.

This year, I gave to many of the same organizations that I’d supported in 2007, but there are others that also deserve your consideration, such as:

San Francisco/Bay Area

La Cocina –  La Cocina is Spanish for “the kitchen”, and that’s exactly what this organization provides: access to a commercial kitchen space so that low-income people can turn cooking skills into a business. La Cocina cranks out everything from empanadas to brownies to chai. It was behind Kika’s Treats, one of my favorite desserts and a great stocking stuffer. (In fact, much of what La Cocina cooks up can be excellent gifts. Stop by their booth at  at the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers Market, right next to Fatted Calf, to sample.)

Glide – Glide lives the Christmas spirit every day of the year, providing free meals to needy people in San Francisco. And not just one free meal a day, three meals a day.  This year, Glide is feeding more hungry people (this Thanksgiving, nearly 7,000 people showed up) and paying higher food costs.

The Family Giving Tree – Every year, with a little help from The Family Giving Tree, I get to play Santa. FGT gives people like me (and you?) the ability to make a child’s Christmas wish come true with the ease of online shopping: FGT posts  a child’s wish online, you enter payment information and they take care of getting the gift to the child.


NothingButNets.net – I admit that I first heard of this on The Colbert Report. A $10 donation provides a net to help those in poor areas of the world protect themselves from malaria-ridden mosquitos.

The Humane Society – The Humane Society is leading the fight against factory farming. Thanks to The Humane Society’s, Prop 2 passed in California, and the Humane Society also exposed abuses by a California feedlot earlier this year — ultimately leading the USDA to ban “downer cows” from the food supply.

Note: Be aware that donating often puts you on the organization’s mailing list. I try to get as little junk mail as possible, but my normal notes of “do not mail to this address” have generally been ignored.


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