It’s Not The Herb But The Spice

I’m not ready for the holidays yet. Maybe I’m still carrying a grudge against the early onslaught of Christmas music in the stores and holiday ice rinks in San Francisco. (I don’t mean to be a Grinch, but I can’t help but think of the energy used to keep the ice rinks frozen on those 70 degree days we had last month.)

Although I’m not quite ready to pull out the holiday decor or put up a Christmas tree, I am solidly ready for cookies. My friend Natalie smartly sugested that it was time for work step aside in favor of “cookie baking and consumption”. I couldn’t agree more.


My go-to holiday cookies are molasses crinkles. The recipe I use was culled from the old Craigslist food forum, back in the days when the forum was full of great cooks and recipes. (It’s now unfortunately troll-infested). They’re dead simple to make and really fast to make, too. You can go from thinking about cookies to eating freshly baked cookies in about 20 minutes. A welcome gift during this often-hectic time of year.

The cookies themselves are soft, spicy and go perfectly with a cup of tea. What better way to ease into the season?

Note: I don’t think I’ll devote all December to the holidays as I did last year, but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist a few Christmas-related posts.


One Response to “It’s Not The Herb But The Spice”

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    […] online and not lovingly hand-chosen — were enough? What if my sole baking project — the lone batch of molasses cookies, oh wasn’t I optimistic! — is enough?  What if those rare moments when I felt cheered […]

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