Falling Back

I used to dread this time of year, when we set the clocks back and allow the dark to set in early.

It was a time of year I associated with depression and sickness (this was long before I’d discovered the neti pot and before I even knew I had coastal allergies that generally kicked in around this time).

But this year, I welcomed the darkness. I looked forward to turning the clocks back. This year, I’m ready to turn in a little early and to spend a little more time at home.

My life has felt so busy lately. September and October bring SF’s best weather, so there tends to be more City events, like the always-amazing Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. There are a lot of Fall birthdays in my family, and since this year was my cousin’s 40th, my aunts, cousins and I all rented a house in Sonoma for a weekend. Mr. WholeHog and I found relatively cheap flights to Oregon — our first trip up to see our friends in their new home.

These were all good things, of course, but things that kept me out of the house, out of SF, and, perhaps most difficult for me, out of a record three (!), consecutive Saturday farmers markets. No Fatted Calf bacon. No Primavera breakfasts.

And then there was the election, yet another worthwhile time-suck. We volunteered on a few weekday nights, encouraging voters to vote No on Prop 8. It’s such an important issue, but it also meant arriving home at 10pm some nights, only to realize that we hadn’t had dinner yet.

This first November weekend was a much needed break. Saturday’s rain couldn’t keep me from the farmers market, although apparently it was too much for Primavera (damn you, Primavera!). But otherwise, I stayed close to home, reading back issues of the Sunday New York Times and SF’s crazy ballot measures. As we turned the clocks back Sunday morning, I found my way back to the kitchen.

I’m sure there will be times in these next few months when the dark evenings will get me down, but my hope is to have more nights like this one, where I sit on the kitchen floor writing while a gingerbread cake bakes in the oven.


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