The Scoop

My first job was at a frozen yogurt shop. Well, it was primarily a frozen yogurt place, but it also had a small ice cream selection and unfortunately, it also offered espresso. (This was before Starbucks had set up shop on every corner of the world and before anyone knew the term ‘barista’, but I still cringe at the memory of what I must have served, especially knowing what I know now about coffee.)

I lasted only one summer at that job, but it didn’t diminish my enthusiasm for frozen yogurt. In college, if I had time between classes, I went to Yogurt Delite. I made friends with the staff. I considered a medium cup a complete meal. And I guess I overdid it because post-college, frozen yogurt lost its appeal.

That is, until this summer, when I re-discovered frozen yogurt — homemade, er, Cuisinart-made frozen yogurt made with fresh summer fruit.

We got a basic ice cream maker and David Lebovitz’s recipe book, The Perfect Scoop, for Christmas last year so we could start making our own ice cream. But the frozen yogurt recipes were so much easier than the ice cream recipes, and most called for ingredients we usually had on hand: yogurt, sugar, lemon, and fruit.

I was hooked after our first batch of blackberry frozen yogurt, made with berries picked that day in Mr. WholeHog’s mom’s backyard. I blended the ingredients, strained it to remove the seeds, and poured it in the ice cream maker. By the time I got back from walking the dog with my dad, it was ready.

And it was delicious, particularly eaten outside on a warm summer night.

Since then, we’ve made peach frozen yogurt (a tad more work since you have to cook the peaches down before blending), and made our best batch strawberries from the u-pick. Even Mr. WholeHog who doesn’t like strawberry ice cream thought the frozen yogurt was outrageously good.

Homemade frozen yogurt, as you might imagine, is nothing like the swirl of soft-serve you’ll find around town. But it’s still a delite.


One Response to “The Scoop”

  1. sarah Says:

    I think you might have to make me some of that the next time i visit!

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