Another Time or Place

Since San Francisco doesn’t have normal seasons, I often rely on the farmers market to let me know when the seasons change. I know it’s Fall when the peaches are gone and only Bay Area farmers bring tomatoes.

In SF, Fall takes longer to arrive. This time of year is about as close to summer as we get. Our days are more reliably warm and even or evenings have been fairly mild. But there is still a hint of Fall in the air, a feeling that even the warmest days won’t be stifling.

We began to get a glimpse of Fall around SF this past week. The gingko trees that line many of San Francisco’s streets have started to turn, their fan-shaped leaves changing from green to gold.

First Sign of Fall in the City: Gingko leaves on Eureka St.

The gingkos are about all we get in terms of foliage in the City, and while lovely, they pale in comparison to the vibrant Fall colors you see in the wine country this time of year.

In Sonoma this past weekend, it was a shock to see how dramatically Fall arrives. The trees seemed on fire, their leaves a mix of bright oranges and deep reds (“Those trees don’t look real,” one of my cousins announced in awe), and the grape vines turned the color of cabernet.


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