Rave: Tamra Davis Cooking Show

You can buy a ticket to see your favorite band perform, but how often do you see your favorite band in real life?

Beastie Boys fans are lucky. Thanks to Tamra Davis and her online cooking show, we don’t have to resort to stalking the Beastie Boys in order to see what their lives are like off stage.

The point of the show isn’t the B-Boys, of course, it’s cooking. Most of the meals Tamra prepares for her family and friends are organic, mostly vegetarian (some include fish) and kid-friendly. But while I’ve picked up some new recipes from the show, I admit that the real reason I tune in is for the glimpse of my favorite band in their natural habitat: whether its backstage on their European tour or on vacation, eating fresh fish in Hawaii or making crepes in the Hamptons with their famous friends. The whole Beastie clan shows up for a barbecue in at Mike and Tammy D’s place in Malibu. Ad-Rock hangs out with Mike’s kids while MCA makes lemonade and Tamra prepares grilled fish sandwiches.

I should warn you that if you aren’t a Beastie fan, you may not be as enthralled with the show as I am. (I know Mr. WholeHog finds it boring.) But for me, even in the episodes that don’t include the Beasties are worth watching to see woman try to balance all the things she loves in her life — filmmaking and motherhood, cooking and yoga, good music and good friends.


One Response to “Rave: Tamra Davis Cooking Show”

  1. sarah Says:

    i’m on my way to that link… thanks…

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