You’re Leaving There Too Soon

It was hard to leave San Francisco when the City had provided two (two!) full weeks of sunshine, but a second trip up to Tahoe was irresistible.

I can’t recall if I’ve ever stayed at the lake in September and I must say, the lake is especially dreamy post-Labor Day. It’s quiet. Most of the surrounding cabins were empty, and often, we were the only people in sight in the lake.

This trip, we stayed at a far more rustic cabin that was right on the beach and our lives for those few days revolved around the water: coffee, breakfast and the newspaper were taken outside, under the trees, looking out at the still lake.

The lake was cold, more in line with my childhood memories of swimming in Tahoe and certainly cooler than it felt in July, but we still swam a few times a day. (It shocks and appalls me to hear of people who don’t swim in Tahoe because it’s “too cold”. Tahoe, at any temperature, is the best swimming you’ll find.)

The nights were cooler than I’d anticipated as well, but that was all the more reason to eat dinner inside, open a bottle of red wine and watching the orange glow of sunset fall across the water.

And since its cold and there’s no one else around, why not duck into the neighboring cabins’ hot tub and look up at all the stars?


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