Rave: The Fatted Calf at Oxbow Market

I know gas prices are high and driving in the Bay Area can be a trafficky nightmare, but you should still head to Napa.

I mean, now.

Going to Tahoe? Russian River? Cross town? Take a detour through Napa. It’s a lovely drive, after all, through those vineyard-covered hills. But don’t get distracted by the grapes: this time, you’re not in Napa for the wine, you’re there for the meat.

Fatted Calf opened their first retail location earlier this year in the Oxbow Market, Napa’s version of SF’s Ferry Building. We’ve only been twice so far, but I think dream about it almost daily.

Fatted Calf is already one reason I get up early every Saturday morning and go to the farmers market. When we have something from Fatted in the fridge, we know there’s a delicious meal in our future.

At the farmers market, a chalkboard lists their selection of sausages, salumi and assorted meaty treats (although those in the know order online and pick up their order at the market). Often, you don’t see exactly what you’ve bought until you get home and unwrap it.

In the display case at the Oxbow location, though, you can see nearly everything that Fatted Calf produces and it’s a beautiful sight. If the stacks of sausage, bowls of pate, and thick salamis aren’t enticing enough, there is also usually something fantastic on display at the store, like this leg of wild boar:

With a few exceptions (like, say, tonno. There is simply never enough tonno), Oxbow has everything Fatted makes, along with many items that are rarely, if ever, at the market – racks of seasoned ribs, or lovely lamb chops marinated in orange zest. The store even sells an assortment of other quality products, like Rancho Gordo beans, Soul Food eggs and locally produced milk.

But we’re likely to head back to the store just to have Toponia’s porchetta sandwich again. It’s the best sandwich either of us have ever eaten — lots of roast pork with parsley, onions and plenty of olive oil. We ate it on the road which I do not recommend. This sandwich needs your complete attention (and lots of napkins).


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