Something Ain’t Right

I would just like to mention that it is August 8th and summer has yet to arrive in San Francisco. Not that I’m bitter or angry or depressed by having December extend through August. It’s cool. Literally. We’re looking at a brisk 58 degrees today.

Sunlight is overrated, don’t you think? I mean, it makes some people feel good, but I’m sure day after day of just sun would be pretty boring. We’re used to a little more variety — sometimes there’s a light rain coming down, sometimes it’s just gray and foggy, and sometimes there’s a crazy cold wind.

If the sun came out, it might feel sort of hot and we might sweat or something. And sweating is really foreign to San Franciscans. We’re much more familiar with shivering. Plus too much sun can burn your skin and cause premature aging, so San Franciscan’s are golden — I mean, we’re set, we’re not golden at all. Our skin is, like, pristine.

Another bonus of our daily fog and cold weather? Getting dressed is a cinch! You put on your sweater, grab your winter coat and you’re out the door. I’m wearing the same sweaters I’ve been wearing since December! Sure, at times, it might be nice to have something new to wear, but have you been a store recently? Shorts? Tank tops? And the fabrics?! We’re in San Francisco here, I’m sure you’ve heard what that ^%#@#^@!&*# bastard Mark Twain said about summer in this dump, so bring on the wool and the down! Cotton and jersey is not going to cut it.

OK, I admit it. I tend to exaggerate sometimes: the sun does break through the fog for about 20 minutes every 7th or 10th day. Sometimes, when the fog clears, we get this excellent cold wind ripping through town.

Here’s the weirdest part, though. Now that it’s August, there’s talk of Fall returning. It’s kind of weird, you know, because um, maybe you haven’t noticed, but fall never left.


One Response to “Something Ain’t Right”

  1. sarah Says:

    It’s been the same story down here. Our weather reports (the ones given over the phone, among friends- not the actual news) seem to parallel most of the time. The crazy thing is that the last two times i visited you guys were probably the only times all year SF & … my anonymous town … have had “extreme” weather. First it was that freak wind / rain storm, and then the hotter than hell weekend. Anyway I bet we’ll get in some sun in september / october.

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