I’ll Walk Your Lands

Almost every year at Tahoe, my parents want to go on a hike. As a kid, I often balked at their suggestion. I wanted to be at the lake with my cousins not up on some mountain. And didn’t we spend every family vacation camping and hiking anyway?

Now my parents are more savvy. Instead of suggesting a hike, they ask who wants to go on a “wildflower walk”. (See lupine and Indian paintbrush above).

I end up on more of these “walks” now because Mr. WholeHog didn’t seem to get enough camping or hiking in as a child. He jumps at the opportunity to see more of the Sierra and he seems actually interested in my parents wildflower lecture lessons. (He is, in many ways, the son my father never had. He enjoys the outdoors and plays guitar.)

Even I had to admit that this years wildflowers were worth missing another day at the beach. At times, the path was almost overgrown by the waist-high flowers.

The wildflower walk goes past a number of lovely Sierra lakes nestled around the foot of Round Top. We walked past Frog Lake, took a short break at Round Lake and had lunch at Lake Winnemucca (shown in the picture, above, if my memory serves).

Despite my family’s many camping trips in the Eastern Sierra, it still feels like a strange, tucked-away corner of the state. Most of my own hiking and camping excursions have been on the coast and without the ocean in sight, I had no sense of direction. I didn’t know what direction we were headed or what mountains we were looking at. (Even now, posting these pictures, I can’t say for sure which lake is which or what moutains I’d photographed).

But my dad loves this part of the state and he knows it well. He’s climbed nearly every peak in sight and he knows what other lakes and mountains are beyond.

If I remember correctly, Dad identified the mountains in the picture above as Pyramid Peak and the back side of Mt. Tallac.


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