It’ll Be Brand New

Going to Tahoe each year with the family might seem like it would get old, but it never does. Although we rent the same giant “cabin”, play the same card games and head off each night to see the sunset, there are always some small changes.

Our group changes a little each year. Boyfriends and girlfriends are often introduced to the family at the annual Tahoe gathering, and now that my cousins are having kids, some years there is a new baby to hold and admire.

The place we stay each year is changing, too, as many of the funky little cabins are replaced with larger, fancy vacation homes. Even the dirt roads were paved this year.

The lake changes, too. There were the drought years in the early 1990s when the water was so low that we could walk 100 yards out into the water and be only up to our knees. Lately, we leap off the boat dock into the lake but during the drought, the dock was completely out of the water.

This year was marked by the California wild fires. Crossing Echo Summit on our way to Tahoe, the view of the lake was obscured by smoke. Our first few sunsets in Tahoe this year looked like something out of a science fiction novel.

But thankfully the mountains get summer storms. We knew to pack up our beach chairs when we saw the storm clouds gathering over Heavenly, and we were inside playing cards when the rain and hail came down.

By sunset that night, Tahoe was back. The air was clean and smelled of pines, the opposite shore of the lake reappeared, and the sun, as it set, was once again bright and clear.


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