People Come, Seasons Go

April has been the Month of House Guests. We had family staying with us last week; a few days later, our friends and their 2 year old arrived.

Our one-bedroom apartment is fairly spacious for the two of us, but having more people here shows us how small it really is. No one can really do as they please. If one person has work to do, everyone has to quiet down. If our friend’s toddler was awake, everyone in the building was likely awake. (He liked to yell “Where ARE you?” as if there were numerous rooms we could be hiding in).

You think you know your friends and family so well – until they’re in your space morning, noon and night. Then you see firsthand how they live and how they travel. My sister, after living in a New York City apartment, keeps her belongings neatly in one corner of our living room. Our friends and their toddler? Not so much.

My sister is also used to apartment living, so she gets that there are people living above and below us without us having to point it out. Guests who are used to living in a house bring a sense of total freedom to do as they like — a luxury that feels so foreign to us after years of City living. We gently remind them of our neighbors, but we usually still end up cringing at each shouted response and wincing as the front door slams shut.

But there were also moments living with our friends and family that were surprisingly sweet and communal. I liked making tea for our friends each night or reading to their son when they were too tired. And they made coffee for me one morning, when Mr. WholeHog, my usual morning coffee maker, had an appointment.

I try to appreciate these crazy times, when we packed 5 people in our one bedroom apartment and drove our neighbors crazy, because there will likely come a time when we will live somewhere better set up for guests, a house, perhaps, with an extra room set up just for guests and a second bathroom.


One Response to “People Come, Seasons Go”

  1. sarah Says:

    I want loud house guests, just so i can punish my upstairs neighbors. I’m not creative enough to do it on my own.

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