Make It Great

In the early, first hours of 2008, as our friends prepared to leave for Oregon, they said jokingly: “2008: Make it great!”

I wasn’t optimistic. After all, they were our closest friends, and they were moving.

But they’re move left us with more free weekends and we often spent these weekends getting reacquainted with this City that we love and this beautiful edge of the country.

After 9 years in San Francisco, I now have a favorite hike on Mt. Tam. It’s long but not strenuous. It takes you through forests and meadows and up alongside a creek. For six miles, you are rewarded with incredible panoramic views.

The Marin Headlands reminded me how much I love the ocean, that there’s a reason I live on the coast. At times, I get so caught up in City life that I forget the ocean is even there. But every time we went to the Headlands and sat on Rodeo Beach, I thought of all the time I could have been, should have been, at the ocean’s edge.

Last weekend, we went to Point Reyes which encapsulated so many of what we love about California in one easy weekend trip.

There were gorgeous, view-filled hikes like those we’d appreciated on Mt. Tam.


Like the Headlands, Point Reyes had incredible beaches. The water looked almost tropical in color (but it was decidedly Northern Californian in temperature).


Point Reyes also had farms. Cows were practically looking in the windows of the cottage we stayed in, in nearby Olema. Their pastures stretched out along the road in almost any direction.

Given the nearby farms, it was easy to find the local meats, cheeses and produce we love.


And if that wasn’t enough, on a particularly beautiful beach with particularly beautiful weather, Mr. WholeHog told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and to marry me.


2 Responses to “Make It Great”

  1. Amy Krause Says:

    GREAT does not begin to describe it! I’m so happy for you and the Mister. And what a wonderful spot for a wonderful moment. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Let Me Take You Down « Whole Hog Says:

    […] the Marin Headlands or to Mt. Tam for a hike. Or, drive a little farther and there’s all that Point Reyes offers — hikes, beaches, farms. Up north, there are apples to pick and pork to eat. But a […]

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