Rave: Neti Pot

I was hoping to keep quiet about neti pots, but neti pots kept popping up. They were mentioned on Oprah. There was even an article on neti pots in the New York Times. A coworker mentioned that he bought one at Walgreens. I never expected a nasal genie lamp could go mainstream.

A neti pot is strange-looking and I can attest that it’s also strange to actually use one. You take what is essentially a small genie lamp and fill it with salt and water. When the salt dissolves, you insert the spout into your nostril, tilt your head and the salt water pours out the other nostril. The idea is that it cleans your sinuses.

“Oh sure,” I thought the first time I heard of the neti pot. “I’m sure it also cleans your aura.” I figured neti pots were something prescribed by shamans along with dream catchers and crystals. I found the online images hysterical and somewhat pornographic.

But as strange as it is, as frankly embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m a convert. I neti daily. (I also now consider “neti” a verb).

I came around to the neti pot last summer, on the second day of a brutal sinus infection. My head felt thick and I couldn’t breathe well or hear well. The sinus pressure was intense. Like any other fool these days, I turned to the internet for medical advice and spent an afternoon trying assorted homeopathic sinus remedies. I concocted spicy teas, I sipped apple cider vinegar, and, as a last resort, I went to a nearby natural foods store and bought a blue ceramic neti pot.

Imagine my horror when the neti pot worked. It didn’t totally clear me up, but I could hear better, breathe better, and my sinus pressure was gone.

Since then, I’ve neti-ed nearly every day and at the risk of jinxing myself, I haven’t had a sinus infection since using the neti pot. My allergies haven’t taken me down since last July. While my coworkers have spent the winter plagued with colds and flus, I’ve been fine.

And while I still don’t believe in that auras can be cleaned or that dreams can be caught, I credit my health to neti.


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