Looking Up I Noticed I was Late

I love the quiet of the early morning. Even in the City, the streets are nearly empty before 7am. The sun casts an orange glow behind the Oakland Hills, and the day feels new and fresh.

Even though I know the morning is a special time, I rarely get myself out of bed in time to enjoy it.

Although I love the idea of a calm morning, a morning spent savoring a cup of coffee and reading the paper, the reality is that my mornings are a race against time. Instead of relishing Mr. WholeHog’s excellent coffee, I drink it in the bedroom while I decide what to wear, or in the bathroom as I brush my hair.

So it feels heroic to find the time to sit still on a single weekday morning, as I have each week since the new Blue Bottle café in Mint Plaza opened.

Going out to breakfast always feels like a reminder to slow down, but we don’t go out to breakfast much these days. Mr. WholeHog makes better coffee than any restaurant, and few breakfast places use quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

That’s why Blue Bottle has become such a happy habit for us. The coffee is among the best in town and their breakfast items are all farm-focused. We’ve had sublime poached Eatwell Farm eggs on thick slices of Acme bread. I spent one delightful morning with a cappuccino in one hand and a bowl of creamy polenta with gruyere and ham in the other. We shared the apple and pear compote with Strauss yogurt recently, and I’m not making the mistake of sharing that again! I’ll need my very own bowl of Blue Bottle’s breakfast-y version of apple pie.

Mint Plaza, as luck would have it, is a convenient stop on my way into work (and any place that serves good coffee is on the way to Mr. WholeHog’s work). Although the cafe is getting a little busier each week, I still find that regardless of the crowd, I leave the cafe well-caffeinated and surprisingly calm for a weekday morning.

I’ll get to work faster if I take MUNI from Blue Bottle, but I choose to walk to work instead. I’m in no rush, after all, and it’s not often that the Financial District streets are so quiet.


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